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NotOnMart in essence, is a small scale community- led initiative that aims to scale up the coordination of micro-sized businesses. We do this by building trust with individuals that prioritize environmental sustainability. Time and again we have noticed that the underlying structure of the supply chain relationships are not based on fairness or economic justice which plays an influential role in the livelihood of the rural population.

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Inauguration Dignitaries

Mr. Rakesh Kumar
Director General, EPCH

CEO (Director General) of one of the Export Promotion Trade Oraganizations in India, He initiated and formed Buying Agents Association (BAA) and serves as 1st Chairman.

Prof Anil Gupta
Padma Shree Holder, Founder of Honey Bee Network, Visiting Faculty IIMA & IITB

Founder, Honey Bee Network,
SRISTI, GIAN & NIF Visiting Faculty at
Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad & IITB

Dr Arun Chandan
Regional Director RCFC/NMPB/GOI (Ayush Ministry)

Regional Director of Regional-cum-Facilitation Centre set up by National Medicinal Plants Board. Ministry AYUSH Govt. of India to work on Medicinal Plants Sector Activities in 7 North Indian States.

Sri Rupesh Kumar K
State Coordinator, Ministry Of Tourism (Kerala)

He is the crusader of Responsible Tourism in Kerala. He's also the recepient of the Outstanding Achievement award by WTM Responsible Tourism by Outlook Traveller.

Mr Raj Basu
Advisor Rural Tourism & Homestay at Government of Arunachal Pradesh

Founder of Help Tourism and Association for Conservation & Tourism (ACT)

Mr Venkat Sakamuri
Co-Founder and CEO of Stayflexi

Inventor of Flexible Stays concept. A graduate from Carnegie Mellon University, Computer Science.

Padma Shree Vijay Sharma
Padma Shree Holder, Art historian

Rajya Purskar receiver for ‘Raagmala Chitr’, Rashtriy Purskaar for ‘Siddhast Shilpi’ recognition

Kaan Singh Nirwan
Organic Farmer, Multiple Awards holder

Multiple recognitions and awards as Organic Farmer for innovative local farming methods.

Ar Shraddha Gosavi
Architect, Grass-Root Coordinator

NotOnMart Project Leader. Shraddha aims to help rural communities with her skills and in-depth knowledge of design and architecture.

Mr Sachin Kumar
Teacher and an Educator

Currently a teacher and an educator, Sachin is also interested in issues of culture, careers and livelihoods.

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